Climate Science Student Council

COP21 Climate Communication Project

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For two weeks in December 2015, Paris was the global meeting point for climate negotiations, debate and knowledge dissemination. The 21st Conference of the Parties gathered a broad range of stakeholders including policy makers, researchers, members of the media, businesses, investors, governmental, non­-governmental organizations and citizens alike. 
The CSSC, together with sponsorship from the OCCR, sent a group of motivated students to the COP21 in Paris for a week in December. Their agenda was to investigate the knowledge and communication gaps that separate the scientific community and the general public and to report on the communication of science. The students interviewed a range of people from media representatives to scientists, to policy makers. This resulted in a short and well received documentary-style film titled “Take the Floor: Communicating Climate Science”. 
Students Involved: Amanda Lebic (2nd yr MSc); Simon Steffen (2nd yr MSc); Alden Ackerman (3rd yr MSc); Prithvi Naik (2nd yr MSc).
"The entire experience from the conception of the idea to the production of a short-film was phenomenal. The project promoted the standing of the OCCR and CSSC on an international platform and bolstered our reputation as an organized and capable student network focused on climate change related issues." - Prithvi Naik
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