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Welcome to the Climate Science Student Council website!

Founded in September 2015, the CSSC represents the Master and PhD students of the Oeschger Center for Climate Change Research (OCCR). The CSSC’s role is both academic and social. Academic tasks include promoting contact between the students and faculty staff, advancing the exchange of knowledge between students and improving the quality of the MSc Climate Sciences programme. The CSSC strongly believes in strengthening the social cohesion amongst students, organising events and promoting the importance of climate change to the public. All MSc and PhD students of the OCCR are members of the CSSC.


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Climate Beer Spring Semester 2022

Our bi-weekly meet up. An event for students and PHDs to hang out together! Every second week the Climate Beer will be combined with a Bouldering Session.
Next date is on Monday, 13th of April, at 6 pm at Grosse Schanze. We are happy to see you there.
For Students this time the first round will be on the CSSC!


Culinary Culture Evening

We would like you all to bring about the most interesting cuisine your home country has to offer. Be it some rather regional dish or something that would be considered a national staple. All of them are welcome to the table to make as rich of a meal as possible. The more the better.
The date is the 27th of April in the AKI at Alpeneggstraße 5 near the ExWi-building. We hope to see all of you there!

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Knowledge Exchange

To help future students and even your current mates, we want to start a knowledge exchange. The exact layout of the exchange still needs to be planned, but feel to contact us with some lecture notes, exams or any additional information you might think to be helpful for other students.